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I agree, this would change the meta we have atm and we would see more different pokemon with different sets. 

Sounds like a plan to me, I'm behind it.


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+1! Can't wait to get Roost on my Gliscor and Giga Drain on my Galvantula!

Pretty sure this is already planned and they just haven't gotten around to it.

Anyone list me the 70 TMs? :) TY

Rimsting, the new TMs are:

TM96: Mega Punch
TM97: Razor Wind
TM98: Whirlwind
TM99: Mega Kick
TM100: Horn Drill
TM101: Body Slam
TM102: Take Down
TM103: Double-Edge
TM104: BubbleBeam
TM105: Water Gun
TM106: Pay Day
TM107: Submission
TM108: Counter
TM109: Seismic Toss
TM110: Rage
TM111: Mega Drain
TM112: Dragon Rage
TM113: Fissure
TM114: Teleport
TM115: Mimic
TM116: Bide
TM117: Metronome
TM118: Selfdestruct
TM119: Egg Bomb
TM120: Swift
TM121: Skull Bash
TM122: Softboiled
TM123: Sky Attack
TM124: Psywave
TM125: Tri Attack
TM126: DynamicPunch
TM127: Headbutt
TM128: Curse
TM129: Rollout
TM130: Zap Cannon
TM131: Sweet Scent
TM132: Snore
TM133: Icy Wind
TM134: Giga Drain
TM135: Endure
TM136: Iron Tail
TM137: DragonBreath
TM138: Mud-Slap
TM139: Ice Punch
TM140: Sleep Talk
TM141: Defense Curl
TM142: Thunder Punch
TM143: Detect
TM144: Steel Wing
TM145: Fire Punch
TM146: Fury Cutter
TM147: Nightmare
TM148: Focus Punch
TM149: Water Pulse
TM150: Bullet Seed
TM151: Shock Wave
TM152: Secret Power
TM153: Skill Swap
TM154: Snatch
TM155: Roost
TM156: Brine
TM157: Dragon Pulse
TM158: Drain Punch
TM159: Silver Wind
TM160: Recycle
TM161: Avalanche
TM162: Stealth Rock
TM163: Captivate
TM164: Dark Pulse
TM165: Natural Gift


Just do /warp mgshop. #teamelitecomingsoontm


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