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Guys ive been thinking shouldn't there be resources in the Pokemart? Also I noticed a few missing pokedrop sale places for leather gold nuggets and glowstone. Feel free to comment 

Cheers, Tachoda

Some pokedrops are too easy to get masses..


The PokeMart is only meant to offer items and recourses that are not obtainable or very hard to obtain in the game. It's just an extra way to get items and is not intented in any way to replace the normal ways to collect items and recourses. Because of this not all items are sold in the PokeMart.

And Beyrahl is correct about the pokedrops. Some are just too easy to get. If we would allow all these items the economy would become unbalanced.

As you may have noticed I will be editing the PokeMart prices once in a while to make it more balanced.

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Makes Sense :/ Thx Guys

what about the pokemarts in the other cities? will they ever be filled in?