Event Suggestions

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Event Suggestions

We're currently looking for ideas for Events in the next year! So if you have a great idea for an event, please post it on here :)

Note: The more well thought out your idea is, the more likely we are to consider it, so take your time!

Hello i got a nice building and i think its good looking like a even building.

i want you guys to do a DP [Drop party] in it and tp alot of people just for fun :D xSCARRYx

How about the biggest Hide N' Seek game in all time? By biggest, I mean lots and lots of players, but you guys need to make a big arena for hiding and a spot for seeking. Hide N' Seek is a unique game, we still play when we're playing, for example, Block Hunt on Mineplex (by the way, I'm not trying to advertise); so Hide N' Seek (or Hide N' Catch if we're talking Pokemon here) is a good and, probably, excellent idea. During the summer is also a good time for it too, so all (or at least most) of us aren't busy from school.

If you ever see me on a server (not just PixelmonCraft servers), feel free to talk to me! :D

this would be fun! :)

what about on easter there can be pokeloot hidden around /center and all of the other like /pewter and /fuschia etc and it can be a quest and for the prize is all the pokeloot you gained from the quest


"Eww Ches" - Ches 2016

Parkour *evil laugh* :p

Send me a message if you need my help - I will do my best to help you with your problem :)

I really like Ches' idea, the easter egg hunt would be SO much fun~
I'd be happy to help with Pokeloot donations etc. :D

I would also like to suggest building contests! Give out a theme, and have people build something in relation to it; judgement/prizes etc. I think it'd be fun :)


@ChesKnight and @YokoRiitona This server already hosts Easter egg hunts, and this year they also did a Halloween egg hunt. The prizes include money, held items, and much more. 

@YokoRiitona This server did host an official building competition. I'm sure another one will be held soon.

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for valentine's in february, maybe something to do with those sappy pokemails XD



Since we did marriages last Valentines Day, can we hold a divorce court this year.  I have been trying to get divorced for like 10 months.... XD

For Friendship Day, somewhere between 30th June and the First Sunday of August, do a battle tournament, in which each battler uses their favourite or 'signature' pokemon. It would be a 1v1 tournament or something like that.

Even though it's coming up soon...Mardi Gras build event.  Individuals or teams build a Mardi Gras parade float.  Then we can use world edit to put them together somewhere so everyone can see them as a parade.  Maybe to something with handing out rare candies, cookies, etc. 

Sounds good, although it might not be the best for non-religious players (I am pretty sure I am thinking of the right thing).

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In that case the same could be said for Christmas and Easter.  And while "Fat Tuesday" is technically a religious holiday as it is the feast before you fast for lent, I think most of the people that celebrate it do it in a very non-religious way ;)

Good point! I am non-religious and I do it. 

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Since the Olympics are this year, why not do something with that sort of theme. There could be multiple teams, and players are spread out evenly amongst those teams. Each team tries to win each event, i.e a Pokemon race, a tourney, a hidenseek and stuff amongst that caliber. The teams could delegate people to each event. i.e Team A is made up of Bill, Tim, Amy, John & Tiff. They want to delegate their team so they have the best chance of winning. They put Bill, Tim & Amy in the Tourney as they are the best battlers. They put Tiff in the pokemon race & john in the hidenseek.

First place for the event would get a gold medal (3 points), Second gets Silver (2 points) & Third is bronze (1 point). So the team with the most points wins. 

For Saint Patrick's Day, you should make a rainbow over spawn, and have some hidden gold blocks, making a game out of who can find all of the gold blocks.

How about on flag day we build different flags (made up one's of course) and you guys pick a winner (or do what you did with the valitines comp.)


A big easter egg that we need to solve would be cool

Stay Super :)

I trust the Easter hunt will be coming again this Year? Please.

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This isnt really an event but how about having a certain day in a month have shiny rates possibly doubled?

Or Maybe a mini tournament where you are spawned into an area where all types of pokes (except legends) spawn and you have 6 masterballs to catch a team and train it by the deadline given?

Those both sound fun


I have an event idea. It's called team rocket take over, Team rocket is at it again and only you and your friends can stop them. How it works is you and two others go threw a dungeon aka team rockets HQ and must beat the npc team rocket's boss and his two elite guard with no healing machine but have a few heal and stat heal items. Once you beat the boss and his two elites you get a reward (don't know what this is yet)

"but what if one on your team mate's hole party faints?" Well two things. Threw out team rockets HQ there are chests you can get with heal item's and maybe even a revive. Save up the items you have and work as a team to stop team rocket. Also just because one of your team mate's hole party is down does not mean its over. You can still carry on just it will get harder. The team mate who's party is down can follow you till you find a revive for one of there pokemon. 

"but what if two of your team mate's takes out the elites guards but the one member on your team who fought the boss loses?" Well I don't know if this can work but if there is a way to do this, this is how it would happen. The two elite guards are down but the boss is still standing. one of you has to pick up where your other team mate left off and try to beat the boss

"but some people are higher levels then others. How would that work?" Well two ways other make it level cap to 50 or lower or make it scale down for players who are not as strong.

That's all I can think of what do you guys think?

Maybe we could start thinking for a summer event :)

Stay Super :)

What about a beach building contest for the beginning of summer. People can build their own private beaches - there can be different prizes like most realistic, best built, most creative, etc. This would be even better if the Pixelmon creative server can come back online. 

More level 100 tournemants would be great

make giant hide and seek event

but dont like sontos do

i mean you need to build special area for that

Team FedEx Leader


Pokemon Race, we build some sort of enclosed race track and people can bring any pokemon that is ridable whether its a flying pokemon or one that runs on the ground and let them race to a finish line with obstacles in the way in the air and ground. Haven't thought it out much but just throwing the idea out there for someone else interested to throw in some ideas.  

What about a building contest? For Halloween spooky buildings. Valentines day a lovely building. Ect stuff like that