[Guide] Everything you need to know about Hidden Power

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I’m back again with yet another guide. This time it’s all about Hidden Powers and how to breed for them.

It may seem a complicated at first, but hopefully this guide makes it a little more clearer about how to breed for HPs. :)

--------------------- Section 1.1 - Introduction - What is HP ------------------

Hidden Power is a Special move with a base power ranging from 30~70 and can be of any type in the game except for Normal ( or Fairy ).

The type differs for each individual Pokemon (meaning, two different Corsolas can have two different Hidden Power types) and what determines the type is the Pokemon's IVs. This is key, as the standard 31/x/31/31/31/31 spread you have for your special attackers won't suffice if you want a Pokemon with a specific Hidden Power type, since some stats need to be lower than 31. This guide will show you how to acquire any IV spread you want for Hidden Power.

----------------------- Section 1.2 - Introduction - Why ------------------------

If you're asking yourself, "This sounds hard; why should I bother?" it is because some Pokemon have such shallow move pools and need the extra coverage flexibility Hidden Power offers.

  • Example: Plusle vs. Flygon.

          Plusle is Electric, and Flygon is Ground/Dragon. Flygon has a clear type advantage, but Plusle could use hidden power (70, ice) and hit Flygon for 4x damage!

There is a command to check both the hidden power type and base power: /hiddenpower #1-6<slot>.

Please note that before you proceed to breed HP-Ice Plusle (just as an example), you must know the ins and outs of breeding and must be comfortable with the process. HP breeding is more advanced than just regular breeding, and I highly recommend you read this guide on how to breed perfect IV Pokemon: http://tiny.cc/pmc-competitive.

To reiterate, this is advanced breeding. You have to learn how to walk before you can run! I will, however, emphasize what exactly you need in each step.

----------------------------- Section 2 - Prerequisites ---------------------------     

  • You must have Dittos that have 30 IV in each stat. While certain HP types only require one or two IVs to be an "imperfect" 30, finding these Dittos is useful if you plan on breeding multiple Pokemon with different HP types. Remember that. I also recommend nicknaming the Ditto based on what stat they have as 30 IV. If you find that you're still missing 30 IV Dittos for some stats, that's okay, simply catch some more! 

If you don't want to spend the time to find these Dittos, you can always breed the 30 IV you know one of your Pokemon has.

  • Just like regular breeding, you will need the Everstone, the Destiny Knot, and the Power Items. Just to briefly explain the mechanics a little, the parent that holds the Everstone will pass down its nature 100% of the time, the Destiny Knot will pass down 5 out of the 12 stats combined from both parents (it doesn't matter who holds it, and no matter what wrongful information you're given, the Destiny Knot will never pick the same stat twice), and the Power Items will pass down the holder's respective stat (Power Weight for HP, Power Anklet for Speed, etc).

A more detailed explanation can be found here.

------------- Section 3 - Breeding for HPs - IV Combinations -------------

The basic idea is that every IV being 30 or 31 will always give a base power of 70. However, you can decrease any IV by a multiple of 4 and retain a power of 70. This means that every IV listed as 31 can be replaced by 27, 23, 19, 15, 11, 7, or 3, and every IV listed as 30 can be replaced by 26, 22, 18, 14, 10, 6, or 2 without changing the power and type. Therefore, the ideal speed IV for Hidden Power in Trick Room is 2 or 3 (depending on whether you need even or odd). Special attackers who don't care about attack can have any even/odd IV listed below.


Here is the full list, listed as HP / Atk / Def / SpAtk / SpDef / Speed:

---------------- Section 4 - Breeding for Hps - The process ---------------

Now that you have all the tools and knowledge you need, let's move on to the steps!


  • Just a tip: You can use always use the command /ivs <slot> to reassure yourself that you have done all of the steps correctly this far. For this guide we will be using an HP Rock Larvesta as an example and the spread we're aiming for of the ones compatible with HP Rock is 31/x/30/31/30/30. HP Rock is nice in a way that the unused Attack stat can be either 30 or 31 ( or as you know by now also every multiple of 4 below that! ).


  • You will also notice that HP breeding is a little different; we will be breeding for IVs first, and then egg moves, abilities, and nature.


  • This part is also VERY important, so listen up: if you're breeding a female only Pokemon, make sure you don't breed that species first, but instead breed a male Pokemon from that egg group. We're only breeding a perfect parent through the first five steps. So for example you want to breed a Kangashkan with HP (I won't judge...), through the first five steps, you're not going to breed a Kangashkan, you're instead going to breed a male Pokémon of the same Egg Group .


  • Start first by using your Ditto to chain down the 30 IV speed (you can start with Defense or SDef, it doesn't matter, but you MUST start with the 30 IVs). Attach the Power Anklet to the Ditto, and if you're using a Larvesta parent that has perfect HP and/or SAtk, give it the Destiny Knot. If not just give it another Power Item which passes one of its stats already at 30/31. For simplicity we will assume you're breeding a simpleton Larvesta, and the speed stat was the only one we were able to acquire in this step.


  • Take the newly hatched Larvesta and breed it with your 30 SDef Ditto. Give the Destiny Knot to one, and the respective Power Item to the other (Anklet for Larvesta, Band for Ditto). IV Check your batch of eggs to ensure both stats were passed down. Remember that if you're stuck on one step, save all the babies you hatched from that step and use the best ones as parents. For example, if you're only inheriting two stats but you want four, keep replacing the parents with a potential parent that has the most ideal IVs. 


IV Check between every step!


  • At this point the Larvesta should have all the 30 IVs it needs (Def, SDef, Spe). Now take this Larvesta and breed it with a Ditto that has 31 HP and/or 31 SAtk or any male with those IVs.


  • To reiterate one last time: have as many potential parents as possible. If you don't have a 31 HP/SAtk Ditto, Once again, Destiny Knot on one parent, Power Item on the other. You can attach any Power Item you please, but make sure it isn't a stat that both parents share, since that stat will probably be inherited anyway. We're only using Power Items to sway the odds of inheriting the right stats slightly towards your favor.


  • You now have a 31/x/30/31/30/30 HP Rock Larvesta! However, it has Serious nature!

          What the heck am I supposed to do with a Serious Larvesta? That's okay, because at this point, you can either change its nature via /nature <slot> <nature> or proceed with the last step below.

So basically the idea is to lock in the nature with an Everstone, and breed until the combination of IVs and Nature gets closer and closer to what you are looking for. When getting a female, you are free to replace the old one with the newly hatched if it has more stats at the IV values you want.

It probably won't go this smoothly, but stay persistent and you'll see results.

---------------------------------- Section 5 - Extras -------------------------------

The TM #10 Hidden Power, can be bought at /pokemart for 110 Pokécoins.

You'd expect that all types would have an equal 1/16 chance, but for whatever reason this isn't so. Hidden Power Dark is the rarest, requiring all odd IV's for a 1/64 chance. Grass, Bug, and Fighting each have a 5/64 chance.

For sweepers that rely on speed, you want to avoid a non-31 speed IV, if possible. For some types such as Hidden Power Fire this is not possible, as you must have an even speed IV. The implications of this are such that an HP Fire Gengar cannot ever speed-tie with a regular Gengar that has a 31 speed IV. Consider things like this when deciding whether to use Hidden Power on your sweeper.

--------------------------------------- The End? -------------------------------------

Hopefully this guide was detailed and coherent enough. If you're breeding Genderless or Male-Only Pokemon, the process is a lot tougher but still doable. Each step is still the same, but unfortunately, your only ideal parents are Dittos, so getting the right stats to be inherited have much lower odds of happening. Good luck!

I have no idea if you know this or something >.>, 

But I know how to make so the hidden power move dont bug out (having the wrong type)

Having the wrong type on HiddenPower seems to be a visual glitch only. We have tested it and we always had the correct type in battle, go give it a try :)

blue-eyed Dragonite... here to help you. Feel free to message me if you need help~

The power is so hidden that there's no information here for it yet!

why do i have to do all steps? can I not just breed a ditto for each hiddenpower and switch the female each time?

You cannot breed dittos, so no. Yutolio, the only question I have is in regards to breeding order, what exactly is the benefit to breeding for IVs first? Just seems to make it more complicated imo, usually easier to go for IVs last

Since this guide is meant for people starting from scratch with HP-Breeding, I opted to focus more on the early stages of the breeding process and therefore just going w/ PI + PI or PI + DKnot ( rather than just repeating the steps I've already covered in the other guide ).

In this way you'd get more parents and variety to breed from for future stages/breedings, rather than a slow progress but with the offspring already having the desidered nature. Plus having to worry about the AB not passing down becomes a non-factor.

But yeah, both methods are valid, I just find it simpler, on the long run, to get the male parents all set first and just proceed with the female-swapping at the end.