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I started a new project where i will make a zoo with pokemon in it.

The pokemon will be in their own habitat and we also will have some extra places to explore more about pokemon.

At each pokemon will be some info and a pokedex entry.

But i need some help with this.

I need to know what pokemon would fit togeter and some people who could help me with getting materials.

I'll help in the weekends ^_^

Just do /warp mgshop. #teamelitecomingsoontm

Ill help 

I will donate a lot of pokes

And also can i have an exhibit where i keep a ledgend every now and then



All the gen 1 pokemon are put into a habitat or building

I will do the rest tomorrow

Stay Super :)

I can help make the place!

gen 2 is done :)

Stay Super :)

Why dont you make a christmas cage with delibird and stantler together? it makes more sense then leaving stantler alone

good idea, i'll also add the jinx line into it

Stay Super :)


i think i typed it like the league of legends champ haha

Stay Super :)

gen 3 and 4 are done :)

Stay Super :)

Gen 5 is done :)

I'll be making this first on creative and then rebuild it to kanto.

If you wanna help in creative tell me on teamspeak :)

(btw if i forgot a pokemon or you think one doesn't fit than let me know)

Stay Super :)


i scrolled through your pokemon and they all seem fitting but i have one question:

what exactly is the difference between bug forest 1 and 2? Like, why do you assign some in one and why some other in the 2nd one?

The 2nd one are the bigger and more dangerous ones

Stay Super :)

haha, thank you for clarifying ;)

Quick question, since this will take some time to build first in creative i was thinking of maybe making it a 1.8 zoo and building it on kanto when 1.8 is beeing used.

That way 1.8 will be even more fun and we can build it slowly to make sure it looks good.

Good idea or not?

Stay Super :)

Sounds good, but.... Kanto won't be 1.8 for a long time.

Just do /warp mgshop. #teamelitecomingsoontm

Explain why

You should know the obvious answer to this; the versions of Pixelmon that run on 1.8 are unstable with a ton of bugs in them. Ontop of the tons of issues in the mod from 1.8, we have no one whom is available to update the server. Lemon is on an extended leave for reasons that he posted on the forums for all to see. If you believe that we are able to still update the server to 1.8, even though we all know why it won't be there for a very long time, please explain why.

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Aha, beause 1.9 wont have the same issues as well when it comes out... ?

servers have stayed in 1.7 for almost 3 years now... so watch kanto stay1.8.9

... not so obvious.

so no need to get all worked up.