Hide and Seek

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Every now and then we will be running a hide and seek event. The following are the rules that will be followed during the events. Please read them so that events go smoothly and everyone can have a good time.

Rules of Hide and Seek:

  1. Only Staff Members or Gym Leaders can hide. This helps prevent cheating and overall foul play. (Example of Cheating: Player A Tells Player B over Skype where he is hidden to get free prizes)
  2. Only 2 Wins Per Player Per Day. Let's face it some players are really skilled seekers and can find the hider almost every time. Having only two wins per player allows other players the chance to win a prize. If you have won twice, we would ask that you step out to help prevent leading other players to the hider and giving everyone the chance to find the hider.
  3. The Hiders Will Announce Who Wins. This way there is not 100 players private messaging us or messaging in Global chat saying they won!
  4. All hiding places will be accessible by foot. Additionally, the /fly command is banned from this event. This is to create a more fair experience for everyone as not everyone has access to the /fly command.
  5. Every building must be accessible in warps suggested for hide and seek. If its in an area with a lot of buildings then most of those buildings have to be open (open doors)
  6. Harassing winners is not allowed. Harassment of players who have won the prize or players attempting to steal the prize from another player will be banned from the event for the day. If the Harassment continues then the player will receive a warning for harassment and banned from the event for a week.
  7. X-ray mods or other forms of cheating will not be tolerated.. If a person is caught with these modifications they will be excused from the event.
  8. Only the Staff and Gym members running the event are allowed in the Teamspeak room. This way sensitive information on hiding spots can't be given to other players for an unfair advantage. (Hide and Seek will be announced in the channel before it starts and during if someone joins.


The prize For the Hide and Seek Event Will Be a Free Random Shiny given to the player by a staff member.

Staff who participate will be rewarded with a Free Random Shiny as Well after hiding at least 3 times.

 If you think of more rules to add to this post just let me know :)

Thank you Everyone For taking the time to read this and I hope to see you out there!