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Yes, yes, YES and yes, we do need more gymleaders.
Making suggestions about it won't make more people apply for it, but telling other players how much fun it is to do battles does!

Are you interested in becoming a GymLeader? Please fill out the form below and send it to:
[email protected]

Your gymteam needs to be ready at the moment of application. If it's not you'll be automatically denied.
We will try to reply within 2 weeks. If you didn't get a reply you can assume you're denied.

Being able to use teamspeak3 ( is required!

Available gyms to apply for:
1st Gym; Electric type, level 18-20, 6 Pokémon.
2nd Gym; Water type, level 25-30, 6 Pokémon.
3rd Gym; Fire type, level 35-40, 6 Pokémon.
4th Gym; Normal type, level 45-50, 6 Pokémon.
5th Gym; Ground/rock type, level 55-60, 6 Pokémon.
6th Gym; Ghost/psychic/dark type, level 65-70, 6 Pokémon.
7th Gym; Steel type, level 75-80, 6 Pokémon.
8th Gym; Dragon type, level 85-90, 6 Pokémon.

Please fill out this form:
- What is your ingame username?
- How long have you been playing Pixelmoncraft?
- How long can you be online each day?
- What time zone do you live in?
- Why would you be a good gymleader?
- What gym would you like to apply for? (please only give 1 gym as choice)
- What team would you use? (please give all the pokemon + levels)

- Any additional message can be written on the bottom of the email.


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