Merry Christmas, and such

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This year's Christmas event is held on /Hoenn. Please join us for some fun. The warp is /warp Christmas


Enjoy our questline, searching for missing reindeer. We have some super hard parkour that will test your abilities. Some awesome prizes will be available.

Warning: there is some invisible block parkour, so keep your eyes peeled to make sure you find it all!



The first 5 people to send me a screen shot of ALL the missing reindeer, will get a special prize. Upload all of the images to a single IMGUR (You Do Not Have To Make An Imgur Account). Please include the "Quest Completed" Message in your screenshot. Send them to me here: ... Please label it as "Christmas Event Completion" ... I will screenshot my messages with time stamps to show the first 5 winners.


Quest Info: 


Important things to realize: 


Great event! Also fun area to look around and explore. :)

Great Event!

Brought back good memories from when I worked on it on the build server :)

As of this time there are three spots left in the top five.

              Good Luck All

Looks like 2 people have sent me messages saying they've completed. 3 more slots available. I will verify these to be sure, still waiting for the rest ^-^

Also Cake Lemme quote your post:

"Upload all 5 images to a single IMGUR"

It did say 5, Those of us who said 5 were not crazy =P

Meh! Like I said to Deremei, if you couldn't figure out there were more than 5 by the fact that there are 9 quests in the area xD Then you don't deserve to win. I wrote this all at 3 am while very tired xD. At any rate, I have all FIVE winners. We have some very dedicated people. Although I almost feel like I should disqualify ItsNyk since he doesn't know how to read instructions... But his does show they're all done... I have checked them all and they're all good. So now, let me know what server you want your prizes on. (Since some of them can't be moved about)

I did read the instructions just at the end when I finished the quests lol. I would like mine on Hoenn. Thanks, my favorite event thus far.

(Going to assume I'm one of the winnners since the imgur link is now broken)

(imgur link isn't broken)

Hoenn Please :)

Edit: Thx Behubb for pointing that I out x)

It isn't broken. You just have to take off the last part that was accidentally added, the "I". I would like my stuff on Kanto.

What was the prize?

Nobody. No one. You are looking at a blank space.

Still wondering about that myself x) ^


Nobody. No one. You are looking at a blank space.

just need ItsNyk to get on at a reasonable time and then all the prizes will have been handed out :)

And that prize is...

Nobody. No one. You are looking at a blank space.

;) This Event is completely over with all prizes handed out. You can still play in the area if you like, the quests are still active for now. Closing the topic :)