Movie Night

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Calling all people with Netflix. I'd like to do a pixelmoncraft movie night with y'all. If you have netflix and can use google chrome we can easily get a movie party going. Bring your own popcorn and drinks. Join us in ts and watch a movie! I think our first pixelmon movie night will be this Friday. Let's go with 7pm Mountain time (UTC -7).


We will go with a majority vote for what movie we will play.

Some available options are things like Moana and Trolls.

Note what I've done there, for this first one we will keep it kid appropriate. Later on we will do some 18+ movie nights. 



The extension you will need to install for Google Chrome is called showgoers


Let me know if there is an issue with the date/time. Let me know if you plan to join me for this movie night. Let me know what movie you'd want to watch (make sure it's available on netflix first).


3hours until movie time, vote on a poll


Make a Strawpoll with options I might be down

Also as a side note - not all movies/shows are available in all countries.  If it was a movie/show that happened to be on youtube, togethertube would also be an option

I think we tried together tube once and I rented a movie, but it was going to make everyone pay for it to watch it, which sucked... as for movies not available in all countries, I guess I'd have to test that since it'd be syncing their netflix to mine  would also be an option, I know it works with Netflix