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                                              Introducing Pixelmon Competitive Workshops

Hello all, I am pleased to announce the start of server-specific competitive Pokemon workshops.

​Given the unfortunate news that the mod will no longer be receiving regular updates, we have decided that it is no longer feasible for the server to continue to follow the Smogon tiers. The competitive scene here is fundamentally different from that of Smogon's or anywhere else. For one, the server will (for the foreseeable future) not have access to as many Pokemon as Smogon does. Furthermore, the community that we have here is very unique! I have seen many unusual (yet successful) teams here that would not even be considered anywhere else. Thus, I believe that it is important to invest in and grow the competitive scene that we have here.

When someone decides that they want to get into competitive Pokemon, they often encounter a very common issue: it is very difficult for someone who doesn't know EVs from IVs to jump straight into competitive battling without any sort of guidance. The goal of the competitive workshops will be to fix this issue by making competitive battling more accessible to the community. Here I hope to offer you a structured introduction to the basics of playing competitively. While a variety of topics will be covered throughout the course of the workshops, there will be a focus on introducing people to the various concepts found in competitive. 


  • ​Workshops will occur weekly and will last approximately one hour (The first few weeks may vary a little, but I will try to establish a designated time which works for the most people)​
  • Each workshop will have a designated topic
  • As mentioned above, though many of the topics discussed at these workshops will be applicable to Smogon, the focus will be squarely on Pixelmon competitive battling
  • Workshops will be streamed on Twitch ( in order to facilitate interaction between whomever is teaching and the viewers
  • There will be an open Q&A session once the week's topic has been completed. You can ask questions on the topic, battling in general, or just get some advice on completing your team to beat the gyms
  • For those who cannot make the workshop, there will be recordings posted to Youtube for later review
  • Workshops are open to everyone, no matter your skill level


​Additionally, if anyone is interested in assisting with the workshops in any fashion, that'd be great too! Ideally I'd like to have people teaching their own workshops on topics that interest them, but if you just want to help improve the production quality that'd be appreciated as well. I have no experience with streaming or Youtube and I can't do art worth a damn. Basically all I bring to the table is an impressive collection of memes​ a moderate amount of Pokemon knowledge, so I'll be depending on you guys in order to make this a success. If you're interested in partaking in any of this, shoot me a PM on the forums and we'll figure something out.

Teambuilding Resources


  • Please suggest new workshop topics. With tiers (and therefore the meta) only just having been established, I am struggling to find relevant topics to discuss, so any help is appreciated.

Looking forward to this, these workshops will definitely help new players get into the competitive pixelmon circuit.