What do you want to be able to buy with ingame money that you are not able now?

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Legendaries, specifically those that do not spawn naturally

Every building block.

Mending and Frost Walker enchantment books

Lapis at the etable. i know its easy to get mining im just lazy. also sponge would be nice for people who like building underwater.

Beacon, Dragon Egg, Nether Stars, Mob Heads, Enchanted Books

Team Work Makes The Dream Work #LetsDance #TeamSkull

Pixelmon Points! I try hard to keep up with the competetive scene, but i fall behind in the part where i can not use legends since i do not own the points to edit them. I have to rely heavily on other people to obtain useable legendaries. However, its rare to find someone who i can buy points/useable legends from. The amount recieved through voting is not nearly enough to get the huge amount of legends in the game ready for the competetive plays. 

Hit me up on the server/TS/forums if you need points. I can sell them to you.

Anddd maybe ./set evs with points :DD Im lazy 

Ya done know   1000+ Days here 

Please sell mycelium, its that weird dirt block you can find only in mushroom islands which probably dont exist in our server XD (at least unclaimed ones)

I got a shroom island claimed somewhere, msg me when your on and i'll try find it for you

Evolution Items such as the razor fang and the prism scale, they are just so rare and get sold for exuberant prices.

These items are available at /warp loveshack now.

Set evs!!!!

There is already an ev house, and being able to buy evs would completely defeat the purpose of having an ev house, I'm not a fan of that idea.

Shush Chris, we are all lazy

Ya done know   1000+ Days here 

Golden hourglasses would be nice to be able to buy. Silver hourglasses too, but they aren't as useful.

EVS tickets by point sections considering not many peeps spend 1 straight hour training. Sell Diamonds. Casino for good stuff like winning money, pokes, items. 

A place like the ev house but with blisseys so that people can level up their pokemon faster.



So basically rare candies?

Statues maybe, unless I'm missing something?

If you are talking about Pokemon statues, that's not going to happen because they require a chisel which is an item only managers can use. If everyone had access to it, it would cause problems.