Backup of old kanto map

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I didn't play minecraft (or pixelmoncraft) for a few months and today I just saw that there's been a lot of change. The Kanto server being updated, the map has been cleared... Even if it's fun to have a server with the most updated mod, my friend and I are sad to have lost everything we had build. Is there any way for us to download the old map somewhere to play locally, so we could at least take some screenshot of our work?

Thank You.

I'll get back to you soon about this, we have some news coming up for the old servers.

I like this idea. Having a back up of the world would be nice, the problem is, then people would be able to make their own servers with it. :/

A minecraft world is never protected, a world, or parts of a world can easily be downloaded with a mod.

Oh, I didn't know that. Well, then yeah, having a back up of kanto would be great. :)

+1, I can already feel the nostalgia kicking in when I'll look back at my builds on kanto in a few years.

Thank you for all your answers, I will stay tuned for more info on that. :-)

Hi, it's me again :-)

I created this topic a while ago and I'm coming for updates. Do you still have that old Kanto world somewhere and do you think it could be possible to download it to play it locally.
I kept all the worlds I create since the alpha of minecraft and I like to revisit them from time to time.. I spent a lot of time building in Kanto and I would love to add it to my collection of worlds :-)
I don't even know if I could find my house again but I would really like to try.
Thank you

I would love an old world download of all the servers (Hoenn,Johto, Kanto ETC.) It would be nice to go back and see all the old nostalgic builds.