New Gym Update

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It’s time for the newest Gym Update!


In terms of actual team content, the teams are being made to fit the theme even more than they did before. Before only 50% of the Pokémon on the team had to be part of the theme to be okay. Now the entire team must be part of the theme in some way. This will allow for players who are newer to competitive battling to learn more about the different styles of battling. (It will also probably make people who already know what they’re doing in competitive play have an easier time in a lot of cases due to the nature of the teams being made to teach).


However, 2 of the capped team’s themes are changing.

Rock: Sturdy + Hazards -> Hazards

Grass: Speed Control -> Double Battles


The level 100 teams are staying in the same format as before except with new teams.


Also, all badges will be reset when the teams are released and the Hall Of Fame has been cleared.


There are a few quick changes to the Gym Rules with this update too:

Latios and Latias are now banned from all Gym Battles;

Deoxys-Defense is now Unbanned from Gym Battles.

Mega Pokemon are now unbanned.