Pokemon Contest

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If you have played the generation 4 games, you may remember the Pokemon Contests. In the Pokemon Contest, you would bring your Pokemon in and try to impress the judges with your moves and other performances. I am going to try to recreate that on the server in a fun way. Here's how it works:

Your goal is to impress as many of the judges as possible. The person who impresses the most judges will earn the most points. Each judge likes/dislikes different things. The goal is to make a Pokemon that all of the judges like... At least a little bit... The first 5 people to private message me with screenshots of their Pokemon's IVs, EVs, summary (all pages,) stats, etc. will be entered into the contest and will be judged. The winner will get a random shiny legendary.

Using points on your Pokemon is against the rules. You must provide a screenshot of your points before entering the contest and after entering to prove that you did not use ANY points at all. (Do not use points during the contest because if there is a change in your points, you will be disqualified.)

Judge 1:

Thinks egg moves are for show-offs.

Perfers cute natures.

Likes Tough Abilities.

Judge 2:

Likes beautiful types.

Likes cool abilities.

Doesn't like tough Pokemon.

Judge 3:

Thinks that people with full OU teams are boring.

Does not like tough moves.

Likes cool types.

Does not like smart moves.


The scores of each participant will be revealed once all 5 of the participants have private messaged me with all of the required information.




Judge 1: 2
Judge 2: 3
Judge 3: 3

Average: 2.7



Judge 1: 1
Judge 2: 2
Judge 3: 3

Average: 2



Judge 1: 2
Judge 2: 2
Judge 3: 3

Average: 2.3



Judge 1: 1
Judge 2: 0
Judge 3: 4

Average: 1.7



Judge 1: 1
Judge 2: 1
Judge 3: 3

Average: 1.7

Winner: AcidPhantom and the amazing Carvanna!