Goats Very Fun Maybe Money Tourney :)

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Welcome To the Goat (Emu Tourney)  It Will Have A prize Im taking donations

This is just a fun battle to see who is a really good battler and who can win  pat on the back lol

In this Tourney No Ubers aloud. Also No Latios/Latias 

Mainly Gym Rules 

This Tourney will take place whenever we get a good amount of players and battlers will need to be done in 3 days every round. 

If you Join Good Luck and Have Fun :)

Judges: Goat, ItsJustChris, Jennqi

Participation Peeps


2. Falling_Goat47

3.  LolSstopper_Ftw

4. Lenthi

5. Speedturtleftw



8. Crazy__Pete


10. Willskylimit

11. GobbyJa

12. WildMasta

Bracket: http://challonge.com/wmqxvy27

put prize plox :DDDDDd



I'll Join


I mean If you wanna donate to the cause Donate to me ill put all donations towards the prize pool


Count me in Goaty

I’ll join 

I'm in.

I'll join.

I'll join

Sounds cool! Ill join.


Sure, i would like to participate

I'll join

Imma in