Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! We'd like to invite you all to explore our Winter Wonderland! All are welcome no matter what holidays you do or don't celebrate!

Join us for our different events! We have a Quest Line! NPC Battlers! Lots of fun Decorative Items for Sale! and even an Event Gym!

You'll be able to access the town on the 20th of December!

This event will run until the 30th of December!

Just go to /warp Holiday and enter the tree marked for Christmas!

Quest Line:


Event Gym:


Decorative Items:


Christmas Tree:


Make sure you have room in your inventory at all times! Staff will not be responsible for any items lost due to lack of room!

can i join :P

everyone is welcome to participate. But it doesn't open until tomorrow!



I really enjoyed the Halloween Event, and I think this event, by the sound of it, will be fun too! Looking Forward to it!

Cake there is a problem with 3 of the npc's in this one house, they won't battle at all so is there a way to fix it? thx

He is the Godly Soul_Apple, anyone who takes a bite out of him becomes even more powerful then Gods so JUST DON'T TOUCH HIM much less take a bite out of him!!!