In-game Auction Integration

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Hello, the problem for the auction system is that it's not very user friendly, and almost annoying to use. Not to mention if you search up a pokemon and click on it to see what it's stats are, when you click back you have to search again. Another problem I have with the auction is that it doesn't show the percentage of the IVs, which is very helpful when easily comparing pokemon. To get to the point quickly because I have eggs to hatch and things to do, if auction could somehow be integrated in game and the IVs show a percentage, the auction would get way more use, and sure you could argue that the website gets more visits daily for it being on here, but at the same time, some of us have terrible PCs, and they don't load pages fast. Not to mention sometimes the pokemon on auction fail to transfer to claim system. I am not trying to knock off the auction system as a whole, but it could definitely be used way better. 

Thanks for reading, give me your feedback and opinion, I'm open to new ideas.


You can always hold down the control key and click on the pokemon to view its details in a separate tab and then the previous auction menu would be kept. As for the IVs, most people just 5iv pokes or near 5iv so you can just look at the stats that aren't 31 ivs.

Ok firstly, percentage of the IV's and EV's are really unnecessary. would you take a Zapdos that has 31 in spatk speed and hp, and 75% OR a Zapdos that has 31 in atk spdef and hp but 80%

it would be pretty obvious to choose the first one since it makes use of all its stats, being speed and hp (in case of 3-attack zapdos) while the other one with a 31 stat in atk is completely useless. 

and that concludes that percentage is utterly useless. you just need to pick the one that makes advantage of its stats.

As for how you load pages, that's a you problem, not to be offensive here or anything. I also used to work with a terrible laptop, but it did its job and i ignored the annoying moments were it was too slow to load up the pages.

I don't see the harm in enhancing the auction, in fact I'd love to see it more accessible for players that suffer with slower PC's, so unless some people present any suggestions, or the staff members come up with some sort of idea ( even though it's unlikely given that they are busy with other projects) we wont get anywhere ;)