PixelmonCraft UU Tournament 1

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Enough of OU tourneys, time for some of the lesser used Pokemon to shine...

Time for UU!


The Prize will be 30000pd and 8000pp.


The tournament will be held using the Gym Rules that you can find here: http://pixelmoncraft.com/gym-rules


It will also be following the PixelmonCraft UU Tier list, meaning any Pokemon in the Uber tier or the OU tier are banned, but anything else is legal. You can find that tier list here: http://pixelmoncraft.com/forum/topic/6020


The battles will also be held with team preview enabled, to encourage predictive play and more intelligent decision-making.


All battles must be spectated by one of the judges to ensure legitimacy. If you wish to be a judge for the tournament, feel free to message me on discord to volunteer.

Judges: Smushi, falling_turtle, ItsJustChris, DarkVemon, Behubb

​Battles will be best two out of three.

Don't fret if you lose your first match, there is a losers bracket to give everyone a second chance!

Also, as always, battlers must message their full team to the judge before the battle begins.

You also cannot change teams between individual battles, only between rounds.

The Bracket (which is finalized until the start of the tournament) can be found here: http://challonge.com/PixelmonCraftUU1


When the tournament starts i will message everyone who has signed up their opponent on discord.


If you wish to take part, either comment on the forum post or message me on discord/teamspeak

sign me up

Ill join and i can also help judge

I'll join and I can judge if you want.

I'll join, and can also judge if need be


Yey UU, I'm in

Ya done know   1000+ Days here 

i’m in :P