Totville - New town

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Hello! I have started a town next to my house in a birch forest biome with a swamp biome next to it. So far I have made an arena, 3 houses, 2 occupied but one for sale, and Neobreaker10 has made a public pokecenter that looks amazing, and I have plans to make an apartment building that will consist of small apartments for 250 PD. If you'd like to see the progress so far, use /w Totville. I hope to see newer players or even older players move into the town and help us expand. So far myself and Bluehide44 are the Mayor and Co-mayor (if that's a thing) respectively. Neobreaker10 is the only current builder. The builders of the town will help build houses or public buildings. If you'd like to become a builder for the town you will have to complete a trial of building something I wish to be built, and if it looks very nice, you will earn the title. The rules for the town are at the warp. I hope to see Totville grow. - Dek