breeding mechanics

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I've been thinking about the whole breeding environments thing, and kinda find it silly to keep it off. I know it makes breeding easier. but it also means there's no effort beyond the pokemon themselves. I suggest that breeding environments be turned back on, as a way to reward hard work for those who build proper environments.  it is just a suggestion, but I really think it would be beneficial and encourage people to put in hard work and effort.

I Disagree with this since breeding is kinda of a wide server thing and if we suddenly just change that there it could possibly ruin many of many people's breeding Areas.

While true, it might be nice to put up some entry barriers to breeding. I don't want to start another debate over the economy, but one of the chief complaints about breeding is that it's too easy to just flood the market with good mons at low prices. If you require breeding environments, perhaps this alleviates the issue somewhat, since breeding will become more time consuming