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Hello my name is lenthi! Many of you would probably recognize me from the past as a breeder and rock gym leader. I Believe that many people has a lot of questions about breeding in general so I Felt like making a breeding guide for new breeders would be really helpful! If you have any questions you can ask me in game or comment below, or if I Forgot something just let me know.



Breeding Pokemon in Pixelmon may turn out to be quite a complicated task, if you have no idea what to do. There are lots of small details that need to be taken into account, and usually the desired results will take a bit of time. This guide will give you all the necessary tips on how to breed Pokemon in Pixelmon in the most accessible way. However, you will still be confronted with some math and decision-making. So, if you're up to the challenge, then let’s begin with the basic tools.

[Items for Breeding]

First of all, you need to craft a Ranch Block, or buy one from /warp loveshack where you will find most of your breeding needs. – a type of block in Pixelmon that consists of the following components: Flower Pot, PC, and Piston. Once you’ve crafted a Ranch Block you need to set up a Ranch area of at least 9x9 (81 blocks) for breeding.

Now, you need to have two Pokemon – male and female – one of them needs to have at least one of its IVs to be 30 or 31 (see this guide on how to calculate your Pokemon IVs). This is needed if you want to make your hatchlings have high IVs. Ofcourse I Would personally try getting atleast a 5iv of someone first because otherwise it could be a real real challange trust me.

Also, both parents need to be compatible within their Egg Group. If you try to combine two incompatible Pokemon nothing will happen, and you will waste your time. So, check all the available Egg Groups and breed accordingly.

Another important thing to consider is Pokemon’s nature. If you want your hatchling to have a certain nature, then one of the parents must have that nature, plus you need to give it an Everstone before the breeding process begins. You can buy this at /Warp loveshack

[Satisfaction value and time to breed a pokemon]

So I myself personally have gotten this question lots of times how much it really takes for a pokemon to breed, and no it`s the same for all pokemon even though some say it`s different it`s really not. I Will here by show you the true time it takes to breed between 2 mons. So you know those messages that pops up when you right click on a pokemon breeding.

So here`s a example of my 2 100% ivs pokemons breeding which is 2 sneasels both breeding. You can clearly see the message on the picture. Click on the link or if it`s not clickable just copy the address and paste it in a new window. If you`re unable to do so, what it says is ``100 falls madly in love with 100 every single day!`` Now this means that the couple have max satisfaction and will produce much faster. Also btw open both the links because both of these links are extremely useful!

[How to breed pokemons with the best IVS EVS and info about more advanced breeding items]


After all that you’ve learned about breeding, here comes up a question – how do you actually breed Pokemon with the highest possible IVs?

There`s 2 ways. One way is to have one high iv pokemon like 5 iv or above. Then you will need to give it a Destiny Knot which will take 5ivs from that parent and give it to the baby. You could give a destiny knot to both but i would rather do so if i have 2 100% ivs pokemons breeding because they usually give me 100% ivs pokemons from time to time which i personally prefer.

Apart from having at least one parent with high IVs, you can also use EV-enhancing items, such as Power Anklet for Speed or Power Lens for Sp. Atk etc. Here`s the full list:

Power Weight = HP

Power Lens = Special Attack

Power Anklet = Speed

Power Belt = Defense

Power Band = Special Defense

Power Bracer = Attack

When you have a new baby Pokemon with high IV for Speed or Sp. Atk, you can give it another item for a different stat and the generation that will come from this Pokemon will have both of its stats. While using EV items is a very old way, I Recommend using destiny knots instead.


​What if you want to get a certain ability or a hidden ability?

This is notably and also one of the hardest task for a breeder to do, passing down abilities or hidden abilities. Since you can`t set ivs on dittos and good dittos are pretty rare and hard to get this is arguably the hardest thing to do. Passing on abilities in pixelmon and pokemon is a hard matter of chance and it`s a long time thing but if you have patience here you go:
If you breed any Pokemon with a Ditto, the offspring will have any ability the non-Ditto parent can have. For it to have a chance of getting its Hidden ability though, the non-Ditto parent must have the Hidden Ability. This is no guarantee to getting it for the child though, but otherwise there isn't even a chance.
If you are trying to breed two Pokemon with neither being a Ditto the offspring will be of the same species as the mother (exceptions are the Nidoran-lines I think where both kinds may occur) and will also inherit her Ability. That means for the child to have a chance of having its Hidden Ability in this case, the mother must have it. The fathers Ability is of no matter in this case.
For example if you have a inkay this means you can just breed it with a Ditto and some of the Offspring babies will have contrary. 

Breeding two pokemon with normal abilities will NEVER result in a pokemon with a hidden ability.

To breed a pokemon with a hidden ability, the female pokemon (or a male/genderless pokemon being bred with a ditto) must have its hidden ability. It will have a 60% chance of passing on the hidden ability.

This does, unfortunately, mean you'll need to catch or trade for a pokemon of the right species with the hidden ability to begin with.

Also one more nightmare is hidden power, you need to get the ivs right for this and this is also one of the hardest tasks if you want to breed for instance a snivy with contrary and you want it to have hidden power fire or hidden power ground the ivs need to be correct to match this and it`s extremely hard.


Can you breed other pokemons with other pokemons? Yes as long as they`re in the same egg group. You can find egg groups here:

And yes pokemons can be in up to 2 differente egg groups.

If you have any more questions about breeding in general talk to me ingame or simply comment on here. Thank you for your time and I Will hopefully see you online on Pixelmoncraft! :D



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Hey Lenthi, very helpful thanks ;)