Add the Exclusive Rare Items for the Creation Trio

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Hi so I has come to me that the server should add the held items for the Creation Trio in the Shop. Like the Adamant Orb (for Dialga-Boost), Lustrous Orb (for Palkia-Boost) and the Griseous Orb (for Giratina-Boost and can change to its Origin Form), since they can only be obtained through Ultimate Boss Pokemon that are Shiny Mega Boss Pokemon, and the chances of getting them are extremely low. 

Thus I think the server should add them in the shop or some form, because the server in the shops had already added held items like the Genesects Drives,Mega Stones, etc.

Please tell me if you consider to add these items in the server because I have a Giratina and I want to fly with it :D.


I also thought this is a good idea.