Vote Parties

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I Believe the votes required for vote parties should be lowered because 1500 votes is a high amount despite the 12 links (link #5 broken)

Reasons :

1. despite the 12 links its take 125 players to vote for a vp thats the same amount of players that are on in the most busy times and then most of the people already votes/not voting

2. not everyone are on for it despite afking for them and then they need to wait a full day for the next one

3.also people are afking to get the rewards and because of that more chunks are loaded that cause less pokemon spawn rates and more lag in busy hours

4.not every player vote because all the links takes time and its makes vp even harder to achive

in conclusion i believe the votes for vp should be lowered to around the 1k votes and if you think this will make vps overpowered you can cut the rewards by half

thanks for reading and considering this Suggestion and I hope you will reach the same conclusion as i did

Vote parties tend to go off at least once or twice a day which makes it a big influx of new money, points and random shinies. I believe 1500 is actually a low amount of votes needed.

Daily we get hundreds of different players making it easy to fulfill the vote party and at the same time, help promote the server by having people vote.