Aure Pixelmon Tournament 1

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Hey guys, I've been gone for a very long time but I decided to return and start off a tournament with a nice prize at the end! I created a Discord to help organize everything, but I'll post the rules and such here as well.

The tournament will be a 6 v 6 level 100 tournament.
Tournament Rules:
1: Teams may not have legendary Pokemon. 

2: No OHKO moves.

3: No Double Team or Minimize

4: Held Items are the only items allowed.

5: You can't put more than one of your opponent's Pokemon to sleep at a time.

6: Do not use misleading Pokemon nicknames.

7: If,somehow, you manage to end the battle in a tie, you must heal your team and enter a sudden-death battle, where you each choose two Pokemon to fight with, winner takes all.

More details if any are interested!