OU Tournament!

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Hello Everyone,

the time has come, for one of the biggest pokemon Tournaments on this server!


When the battle begins you have to click on the Raise to level Cap and full heal option before you can start the battle!

The Tournament are gonna have the same rules as the Gym battles.

Also in the finals wich is a best of 3 you can change up your team if you'd like 

here is a link to see what is allowed and what isn't:

https://www.pixelmoncraft.com/gym-rules (if this link doesnt work copy and paste it in your searchbar)


on any further note, i will be hosting this tournament by myself and the prizes are gonna be paid out of my very own balance,

 i will not tolerate any kind of toxic behaviour and you will be disqualified from the tournament if i still see you're behaving not to my liking.


Now onto the most interessting part for you all, the prize pool:

1st: 50000 PD

2nd: 30000 PD

3rd: 15000 PD

4th: 5000 PD 


How do you sign up you may ask,

very simple reply on this post or message me in game when i am online!


You are able to sign up for the tournament till the 27th of October

the battles will be held when myself, you and your opponent are online.




that all being said, make sure you sign up and last but not least Have fun!


Best Regards, 

Omgigiveup_ AKA Marco

nice, okay, I will participate in this tounament, if I am allowed to :OOOOOO


Challenge accepted, I will participate in your tournament, best luck to all participants! 


count me in i want the Money $$$ :3


I'm ready to lose! :D


Wait... there's a filter??

Count me in!

I suppose better late than never, I'm in

I will join in.

I'll join as well

I'm in