Tips on evee training?

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Yo whatup I'm back.

I was gone for awhile, but after like... half a year, I reinstalled AT Launcher and got back into this.

I have several level 100 shiny's that are awful right now, because I need tips on how to evee train.

Anyone care to help?


EV (Effort Value) training is not too difficult luckily. Since your Pokemon are level 100 already is should be easier, remember to put them in and out of the PC after you finish training as im not sure they update automatically on level 100s. Defeating any pokemon rewards a set about of effort value depending on the poke defeated, your pokemon can obtain 510 EVs in total and 252 (on pixelmon) in 1 stat. every 4 effort values equal 1 point in a stat at level 100, 510 isn't divisible by 4 you will have 2 evs spare on any fully ev trained poke.


There are a set of items that help with EV training these are the "Power ... " items and the macho brace. Equipping a respective power item to a poke makes it gain 4 of the ev associated with for every poke it receives xp from. Macho brace doubles any EV gains but since no poke will give more than 3 EVs in 1 stat it is generally not used. These items are all available at the breeding shop NPC at /shop

There are certain places in the server where it is very easy to train a set stat. Examples being /Warp ttower 's second floor only spawn haunter and chadelure, which give Sp. Atk evs. Any pokes needing a max Sp. Atk ev should be done here as eqiupping the power items mentioned earlier will give the other evs you need. Eg. Training a pokemon holding a Power Anklet in this place will max the evs for speed and sp attack with no risk of mistraining and getting other evs! Other examples are /warp icemountain trainers only have the pidgey, zubat and doduo family pokes which give speed from pidg and zu, while doduo gives attack. constantly forfeiting and rebattling the trainers here is another quick way to train.

Otherwise you would have to look up the ev yield of wild pokes and battle them accordingly, (battling Marills for hp) (battling Misdreavus for Sp.Def) (battling Geodude for Def) etc.

There is also a stickied forum which goes into EV training in even more detail, make sure to look it up if you need more help! :)