Multiple things tbh (Auction House and a community/advertising area)

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So I have to ideas one of them was inspired by something CosmicArrow15 paid me to do.
1. Community/Advertising area 
2. A Physical Auction house (not the one on the website one on the server)

1. So when I was hired by CosmicArrow15 he asked me to create an area where he can advertise his homemade gym, diner, and shop. It came to my attention that there was nowhere to advertise his shop (so I just advertised it in a random desert, lowkey proud of it) anyway I thought that there should be a '/warp advertise' or another command and players could hire out plot's of land to advertise their shop. The closer their shop is to the middle the more money it costs to rent e.g. a plot right next to the warp would cost 1000 pokedollars per week. 

2. A server run plot of land called an auction house for people to bid on pixelmon. There would be around 10 auctioneers that could sell the pokemon (I would be happy to accept the role of one of these auctioneers) also the auctioneers would take around 5% of the sale. The owner of the pixelmon (before the sale) could request a minimum bid to start at and a minimum increase if they wish

I'd be willing to answer any questions on these if you have any leave them down below


I dont want to shoot this down out the gate but I figured I would offer my opinions/thoughts on these 2 suggestions.

1.The Advertising Area

  • It is currently free to create a shop with the land only costing claim blocks and it currently costs 1k pd to set a Permanent Warp to a location of the players choosing.
  • There may be a few players who would think this could be a cool novelty to set up in this type of area but ultimately I think it would become a dead zone especially since we have groups of people who come and go on the server all the time.
  • Lets not even go into the details of resources/time/policing the area.

2. The Auction House

  • In the event that an auction house were to be created (not saying one is going to be) it would not be player run. The server community has tried player run methods in the past and the same issues always seem to surface: Players come and go or lose interest (then we have to redirect precious resources to replace them) or policing the people involved (to make sure they are not abusing their power)
  • As for offering the auctioneer a "cut" all it would take is for one player to "fluff" the auction system (ie creating false accounts or fake bids to raise the price up) so the auctioneer could get a bigger cut and if for some reason they cut bait and stole another players pokemon that would make matters worse.

Just some thoughts, as always if there is enough interest in an idea it may be introduced into the system.