Where are my Pokemon?

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I purchased a Moltres quite a while back and I’ve since started playing this server again, only to find it and all my other Pokémon are gone. Can someone help me as to why the money I put into this game has suddenly disappeared?


that shouldn't happen! :( But I'm pretty sure that this is just a visual bug. Please restart the game.

Otherwise there should be no problem for the managers to refund you your bought pokemon. 

This is going back quite a while though, have there been any server resets at all in the last 6 or so months?

If you mean a whipe, no.

But the server has normaly restarted like going on and off quick, if you mean that. 

I don't know what happened to my pokemon then. I went away for awhile then all of a sudden they are all gone :(

*BUMP* been speaking to someone in game and they said that i would need to ask someone to put up the old server so i could get my Pokemon from it? I didnt even realize the server had changed...

Well, if your pokemon are still available on the old server, there shouldn't be a problem to transfer them.

You would have to wait until the old server is running again.