Banned from Store Without Doing Anything...

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So I joined the server about 2 weeks ago. I joined and played a little, but then got off and didn't play until today. I get back on and find out about the /buy menu and the freebies. I try to collect my freebies, but once on the store, if I press the "FREE" button next to the freebie prize, it shows me this box. In the bottom right there is a button that is grayed out that says "Add to Cart". Once hovering over this button, it says "MLGMaccDaddy has been banned from the webstore.". I have never played this server before, or any other of these servers. I also have never bought anything, or done anything wrong in the server. My friend was able to do it at the exact same time as me. Below is a link to some screenshots I took.

Users that have charge backed a payment on other servers are also blocked on our server store.

You can ask for an except if you promise not to chargeback any payments, if you make payments.

As this is a problem with breaching the terms and conditions of buycraft and not pixelmoncraft itself Iam going to close it. Lemonita has provided you with the info you need.