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Hi everyone. I've been a long time player on the serve but not very active on the forums, but I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about the server for the most part and I have some suggestions that I think could add to the experience especially for new players. I've taken breaks from the server at times and I'm not an expert so excuse me if anything I'm talking about has been implemented or otherwise discussed.

1:      There are so many commands on the server and things to know about pixelmon the mod and also the server in general that we always see people asking things like "How do I make money?", "Where can I get a PC/Healer". Sure all the information is available for people who know to look it up outside of Minecraft on the Wiki or Bulbabedia or the website etc. but I think it would be a good idea to have a "School" of sorts where detailed information about game/server mechanics are displayed. Imagine something like in the games themselves so I wouldn't be surprised if this was already on the server in a way.

2.      I've voiced my opinion about this on the server and received justifiable opposition, but  I've always thought the default Gyms are entirely too difficult for the average casual player (noob)
It would be nice to see the default Gyms be a bit easier and then have an Expert mode available. I think this could really help keep new players who come to the server. I think some of us veterans take for granted how complicated some of the competitive aspects of breeding and battling can be, where as New Players are likely to get overwhelmed and quit. I'm not saying make them Easy Mode, I'm just saying the current difficulty is potentially hurting membership on the server.

3.      I'm not sure if this is something that Lemon has control over or if it's directly from the Mod, but some of the pokedrops feel very underwhelming or just plain useless at time. I can't speak for all biomes, but I've spent time in plains, swamp, extreme hills, desert, savanna, ocean and river and visited others enough to say that some pokemon just aren't worth the time to engage in a battle. Example, Patrats often drop seeds and one red apricorn. The seeds are basically useless other than decorations but can be aquired by other means, and on red apricorn isn't worth much when translated to actual pd selling example a repeat ball. Items like Eggs, Poison Barb, Redstone (other than RS blocks i presume), ghast tears, etc are dropped often and discarded just as quick.

       3. B)  As a side note, I think a lot of players are unaware of the NPC trainers at warps like Pewter, Cerulean, Holday, etc that give PD when defeated. In my opinion, this eliminates the need for wild trainers to give just PD. Wild trainers already spawn at criminally low rates in most biomes and when they do I rarely see them above lvl 30. It would be nice to see a bit more incentivization for go after Trainers. I understand they used to be a little too easy to collect cash with an Amulet coin but the way it is now they are practically not worth the time to look in the eyes. I suggest (if possible) making Trainers drop items like TMs/HMs, diamonds, emeralds, coal , iron, healers/ anvils etc...

4.    This one might be a long shot but I'll post it anyway because I'd like to get peoples opinions. I've noticed that sometimes hunting in a particular area with multpiple players can increase the spawn rate and also help clear pokemon out so new ones can spawn. I like to try and get groups of people together to hunt Dittos and try to force more spawns by having more players. If you've ever seen me on the server you'd probably know I'm a Leader of TeamDitto and I like to encourage a sense of community between players. It would be nice see some kind of system implemented that could give perks to players who hunt/travel in groups. I know this is vague so i'll make some examples. 
        Party System - a way to add players to a party while on the server, or link accounts offline so that they interact on the server when both online. 

        Increase XP/Loot  - XP gain increases (for players/pokemon) when hunting with other players nearby/ in a party or perhaps an increase in loot amount.

        Manipulating spawn rates with Items - Repel is an item that keeps pokemon away, but I'm not aware of an Item/block that can be used to increase the spawns around me. Perhaps a rare item that causes random pokemon to spawn around you. (Obviously this would need to be kept in check. We wouldn't want it to be abused or broken). An item like this could be used by one players and have others benefit from it as well.

Anyway I don't want to dump huge list of things so I'll leave it at that and see what others think. Thanks for reading if you made it this far.



Also This one I will post separately, but I think that Loyalty Donators should receive some kind of daily rewards. Non-donators get daily freebies and regular donators get, dailies as well yet Loyalty Donators get not daily bonus. Don't get me wrong, I'm a Loyalty Donator myself and have been consecutively, so i already feel it's worth it, but It would be a nice way to make it that much juicier for people who might be on the fence. With summer coming round the server traffic usually explodes and it could help with revenue/donations. That being said It would be nice see a few more items available for purchase in the shop.

I would personally spend real life money on:

- Similar to a Vote Party, being able to trigger a server event like Double Spawn rate hour or forced Legendary Spawns
- Being able to have an admin place a Scripted NPC on my claim similar to the ones at /warp pewter
- Being able to have perks added to land claimed by Donators/LoyaltyDonators. Example apricorns grow faster on land claimed by Donators
- Party Keys, similar to vote keys but for everyone one the server just like a vote party. Example, If my Party key rolls random shiny bottle, everyone gets one too. This could be a good way to get people to donate to the entire server without having to spend the whole 15 euro for a voteparty. Maybe like 5 euro for a Party Key

Several of these suggestions pertain to the mod itself and not to the server, but I will try to go through and let you know about each one. 1. There is the FAQ on the forum as well as the command house at /center and though they are rarely used they do exist if players need them, along with this the quest system acted as a tutorial, but it has been disabled until further notice. 2. The gyms are set up to be difficult which is why it is hard to get into the hof having an easier gym system would defeat the purpose of the gyms themselves. 3. This would be a mod recommendation. 3b the trainers are currently bugged and just act as a way for players to make a little extra money for the time being. 4. The party system is a good idea in my opinion and having a party msg has been recommended but giving advantages fir being in a party is unlikely. Post rec. The loyalty donator thing I also personally like, but that would need to be brought up to lemon. I know a lot of these were probably not what you wanted to hear, but the server is always evolving and as such is subject to change in the future. 

I agree with War_Gods remarks regarding a lot of these subjects but for the sake of listing them in order:

  1. We already have FAQs and Forum Posts regarding commands and a QA Column on Discord. Here is a link to some guides as reference material:
  2. We essentially had this in play in the form of NPC gyms and a Elite 4. Unfortunately due to repeated glitches and exploits this content has been temporarily removed and the old systems were reinstated.
  3. (A+B) These are essentially mod functions. Outside of downloading more plugins to create the effects desired I don't for see this being implemented. We currently have issues with mods and plugins that are currently installed.
  4. This would require yet another plugin to obtain what you are asking for and Iam not sure of one that offers the features you have listed. People could just abuse this feature by logging in on multiple alt accounts. Additionally we like the spawns of dittos where they are at. True there is not an item to my knowledge that increases the spawn rate of pokemon but I believe "sweet scent" (pokemon move) does attract pokemon to you. (<---Forgive me if this is in error)

I do agree with loyalty donators getting daily rewards makes more sense to have them then to not. Placing scripted npcs does not sound like a good time, especially for server stability. Everything else seems to involve more plugins or editing of current plugins for more perks.

To finish this post I would like to toss out an opinion. This Server offers more free loot and pokemon then any other server I have witnessed.

I have seen players join on a fresh account and acquire a legendary within 20 minutes of playing just by voting. I honestly believe we give away to much for free and should cut back on giveaways and plugins that give perks or to much of an edge.

I appreciate the replies and I figured as much for some of my suggestions not being feasible. I don't want to give the impression that the server doesn't give out a lot of loot, I'd just like to see the dynamics and features of the server be ever expanding. I understand that Economies for multiplayer games can be delicate and that sometimes little changes can mean lots of work. I just care about the server and don't want to see it become stagnant. I think new ways to make and spend money (ingame and IRL) as well as new activities to for veteran  players and noobs alike can help stimulate the growth/playerbase of the server. I have personally made numerous donations and purchases through the site and can personally say that there are many (what I think might not be too difficult, but i could be wrong) things that could be implemented that I would be willing to pay Real money for and I'm sure so would others. I admit I'm not an expert when it comes to modding and programming/scripting but I understand enough to know that some code can easily be recycled and reimplemented to serve a somewhat different function. For example the Bird Trio Orbs are a great mechanic for Special Events but for player like me I don't have much desire to go hunting for shrines to get Legends I've had multiples of already. If Lemon could code in an NPC that Veterans could give their full Soul Orbs for perhaps somethings very minor like a builder key or super rod. I know Lemon only has so much time and other things are a bigger priority, I guess I just want to get a discussion going and hope that the people who can make the changes will at least consider what they hear


Noted. Will close for future reference as it has not received any attention at this time.