What do we know about Safari?

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I've seen a couple of people in safari very few compared to kanto of course but everyone seems to have differing ideas or none at all about how legendary spawns work in safari. I can't find any wiki page or forum post with valuable info explaining how it works so I thought maybe everyone that knows a little bit about how it actually works could share their knowledge here. 


Well the Safari works like well, a safari. The pokemon spawn limit is higher than the Kanto server, meaning more pokemon are able to be active at once.

Combining the ability to warp to almost every biome accessible, you can utilize the /wiki command (/wiki pokemon biome & /wiki pokemon time) to learn the biome spawns and times of when specific pokemon spawn and are thus able to camp at those locales for your desired pokemon :)

I think it may have higher legendary spawnrates but I'm uncertain since I don't play on Safari all that much myself.

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I wanna know more about the legendary spawn rates and times.