New Money Making Methods for Newer Players

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As seen in my post in the #theoretical chat on our discord,

I stated that I would like to see new ways to get money as a newer player. A good way back in the day was just to sell pokemon drops etc to the server and I liked that concept.

Sadly all the items still give you the same exact price for your drops as all these years ago. I think it needs an update. Due to the inflation of money, this method for making money has basically become useless. So I would up the prices you get for your drops, since that adds an alternative way for newer players to make money.

Because the previous way to get some decent amount of money as a newer player was just to farm trainers. But that method was ruined in an update since wild trainers are capped at lvl 40 at this moment. So newer players are mostly left in the dark right now. They can either vote, sell the low amount of stuff they have, or fight the wild trainers for some spare change. They can't do more advanced methods since that requires money, so it's a vicious circle.

I think that we really need an update here.

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Honestly voting is amazing in terms of making money by itself. All the random bottle keys with a shot at a legendary pokemon for less then 2 minutes of work.

I wont deny it money isn't being passed around as much as it was but as it stands there just isn't a lot of use for money other then the flaunt it. We have a ton of events every week putting more legends, points, and money into the players hands. Why buy something you can get for free? As far as buying blocks and supplies the current money making methods are still more than sufficient for accomplishing those tasks. (Posted Link For Money Making Below for Reference Sake)

Then there is donating, the donator rank is lifetime and for a cheap price with both monthly and weekly perks. If a new player is really interested in the server they wont shy away from a lifetime donator package where they will never have to worry about in game funds.

Here is a guide for Making Money on the Server:

When I first joined Pixelmoncraft I was wary of buying something that was essentially intangible, (kind of like seeing a movie which isn't something that I get something from other than entertainment) but as I continued to drop in I decided that buying a Donator rank really wasn't very expensive, (you get nice perks & it's permanent) for something that I had fun doing. This server is one of the nicest, fun & welcoming one around. So I guess I'm saying that if you can, (I know that not everyone can) try a Donator rank.

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