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Q: Is the current Kanto server being reset?

A: No, the current Kanto server is staying where it is, but it will no longer be sponsored by staff/gym leaders. 

Q: What does that mean for Kanto?

A: That means that gyms, events, votes, and voteparties will only be happening on the new server. 

Q: What will be moving over to the new server?

A: Points and Pokemon will be moving over, but Pokemon that are transferred will not be able to breed on the new server. Note: Only Points and Pokemon Will be moving over! Nothing Else!

Q: What will be added to the new server?

A: The mod Biomes O' Plenty, the nether, the end, and the ultraspace, among other things, will all be enabled on the new server.

Q: When is this new server expected to be released?

A: The server is currently scheduled to release on September 6th.


Feel free to comment any other questions that you have about the new servers below.

If you want to download the Biomes O' Plenty mod you can do so here:

Do we also keep our gym badges?

Gym badges will be reset as the NPC gyms are returning and will be getting new teams.

No you will not get to keep gym badges.


Why won't we be able to breed pokemon that are transferred?

We're attempting to restart the breeding market while allowing players to have the Pokemon they value. We both get what we want, but also don't get what we want.

It was decided to make Pokemon unbreedable in order to get a fresh start on both the breeding community and the economy. That way there will not be a bunch of 5-6iv Pokemon everywhere as soon as the server goes up and payers will need to actually need to breed in order to obtain them. 

What about held items, would those be lost as well?

Held items won't be transferring over to the new server. It would undermine our attempts to fix the economy if there was a flood of high tier held items right off the bat.

What about tools and stuff we collected


Seth Koch

Those will be left behind on the old server.

Anything that is not Pokemon or points will remain on the current server.

Is that schedule accurate? When can we expect the new server and what will it be called? I saw a new BOP server in the donate rewards menu. Wheres all the news?

Sorry for so many questions. But I dont think we have much info atm

Closing. The new server is already here.