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Chat is kinda a mess, considering all the automated advertisements, Prof Oak announcements, Pixelmon world interactions (People catching Pokemon); I find that it already uses so many of the limited colour codes that I'd hate to be a default prefix and chat colour owner. (Which isn't where I hold issue)

But for new players who join and want to ask all the questions that new players tend to, I imagine it'd be quite confusing seeing people who have an irrelevant prefix to both Pokemon and minecraft staff hierarchy like "BeeKeeper" or "BubbleGum" on themselves. And frustrating to see that some prefixes and chat colours that regular players (Such as myself) can stand out just as much as staff can.

Im suggesting that;

- Staff member names and prefixes (Including the '[' and ']' are emboldened (using chat code &L). 

             Going from; [PokeHelper] JohnSmith: Hello  to  [PokeHelper] JohnSmith: Hello

- Default players always have a Trainer prefix, or if the lack of creativity in that is such a problem, give them an option of choosing between classes, such as "Trainer", "Breeder", "Battler", "Catcher" (Idk im drawing blanks here)

- People with donator who have custom prefixes can also choose between classes, but with a wider option pool; (Such as [AceTrainer], [Veteran], [Youngster], [Hiker], [Psychic] - you get the gist). With each classes having colours assigned, as opposed to the default white "trainer class" (I know this might seem as a 'nerf' to the donator's rank, as someone with this rank I'd honestly prefer a more organised and aesthetically cohesive chat, compared to some random [ShadowAssassin] or [2MuchTeeth] as possible prefixes). 

- Finally, (And this is super minor) but There is already SO much &7 colour in chat, I was kinda hoping all the '[' ']' prefix brackets could be &8 instead of &7.

To me this seems like a manageable and changeable improvement to help new players when they join, but I understand a lot of people might not agree. 

Emboldening isnt showing up in my example but just pretend it's there :)

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