Pokemon Color names

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Hello, I was trying to give my alolan-vulpix a colored name of aqua color, with the name Kurama. But when I performed the command /color (slot) aqua. It changed the color of the name tag to aqua but then the name of Kurama gets reset to vulpix. So I try to change the name to Kurama again but then the name looses its color effect and has a lot of &'s. I try one more time but this time with my alolan-vulpix default name, Vulpix. I changed the color to aqua again, then tried changing the name to Kurama, the same result as last time happens again. I don't know if this is a command glitch or something I am not doing right, could some one please help me out here?



I have an image but it won't allow me to upload, please contact me and I will show you the evidence.

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