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I have a strange question. I have a save game that I want to use as a start game. I like the seed and I put a building in as a starter area. The problem is if I want to use that save game to start, I already have a Pokemon. Is there a way to erase the starter from memory, so that next time I log in, I will be asked my starter, so that my starter can be new upon loading the game again?



You should be able to do '/pokerestart' in your world, it will then ask your to confirm. That when you do "/pokerestart confirm" or you can do that right away. That command will Deletes all of your pokemon, and the Starter menu should appear. If your using the launcher you should be able to run that command. If not, your going to need to install the "Pixelmon Extras" side mod.

I hope that answer your question.

Thanks Zanzeron, that's really helpful. I was able to do that and reset my Pokemon. But it's kind of annoying having to reset every time I want another save game. Is there an external way of doing it, so when I bring my save game over, I'll have to pick as soon as I load it? I noticed in the save, there are folders named playerdata and pokemon. I was thinking if I erased the file out of one, maybe that would work, but I don't want to accidentally corrupt my save game either. Do you have any idea if erasing a certain file from your save game could do that?

Update: I actually tried that. Under the Pokemon folder in the same game, I deleted the file. It seemed to do what I wanted and now I can start with no Pokemon in the savegame. I just hope doing it this way doesn't corrupt the savegame. XD

Worst case scenario, I have a backup for the backup. But thanks for the help. It's good to know I have that command option!

Solved. Closing.