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I've noticed alot of people asking how to get more pokemoney(or pc if you prefered) And the answer was always either find gunpowder or start your own store. So these are suggestions to put on the pokemarts to sell.

To Sell:

Feathers- Feathers are common and have only a few uses so it would be nice to be able to sell them for around 2-2.5 pc each

Sugarcane- .5 - 1.5 pc each. Because these are so rare and can't be found easily sugarcane might be a nice item to sell. Another Reason is because they can be farmed easily and have a sugarcane farm might be able to solve a few money problems people are having. The relativly low price also prevents breaking the economy if you were to have them at 3 pc each

Coal- 3 pc each. Not to rare not to common so it be a nice item for sale. If this went on for sale then it would be a risk because it is very needed resource.

Cobblestone/Dirt- 3-5 pc a stack. Very common but its something to sell.

Wood- 6 per stack or maybe 1pc each. This is a resource that can be farmable and a substitute to sugarcane if someone does not have access to the sugarcane.

Gravel- 5pc a stack. People who go fossil hunting run into tons of this stuff and to my knowledge there is no use besides maybe cosmetic.

Flint- 1pc each. Again people who go fossil hunting run into some flint.

Thank you for reading,

Nice idea to have more items to sell, but some of those prices would mean an increase in the value of pokemon/tms as there'd be a lot more money about.

Maybe a similar idea like this, but a bit less for the items, for example 3pc for feathers is a bit much as they're quite easy to find as you mentioned and coal is also pretty easy to find. I myself come across stacks and stacks of it whilst looking for diamonds, so ending up with like 192pc per stack is a bit silly.

Didnt think about how the pokemon and tm prices would be affected. And the current prices are just something to play around with. And yah your right 192 pc is kinda silly XD i guess 1 pc or maybe even .5 pc for each piece of coal might be a better price but i think that might be a bit to little. Feathers a coal might need to be played around with for price. Coal for an item to sell could be dropped because it is a needed resource and people would buy it. String might be another item to sell but not sure the price would be hard to pinpoint jbut thats ust based off all the random pieces of string i find in the wild.


Added feathers and strings. Will be adding some other items as well.

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