Some plugins that could help this server

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i dont now much about the plugin completely but from what i have seen wouldn't it be a good idea to add the towny plugin cuase im always hearing or (helping) of new towns that are being built also it a pain when it comes to grriefers since u cant completely claim  the whole town... also it be interesting to have different pokenations

Towny will not get on the server. We've got a lot of bad experience with it.

You can also make a town by creating a larger claim and adding subclaims.

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I agree KerstHaas Towny is a bad plugin Ive played servers with it and it sucks

OH okay thanks ... btw what is a sub claims..... and how do you do it


to make a subclaim hold out your golden shovel and do /subdivideclaims and do what you would to claim land(it uses up claim blocks tho)


Also known as KerstHaas