Gym Leader application

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Are you interested in becoming a Gym Leader?

To submit an application you must send an email with the information below to [email protected].

- Activity ingame. A few hours each week minimum.
- Activity on the Discord server, using your in-game name, is a necessity prior to being hired. (
- Be able to speak/type in English fluently.

- Have Discord.

- Ingame Username and Discord Username:
- First Name: (or what you'd like to be called)
- E-mail Address:
- Date of Birth: (DD/MM/Y
- Country:
- Time Zone and UTC: (ex. Central Time Zone or CST, UTC -06:00)
- Elite 4 type preference (Ice/Fighting/Ghost/Dragon):
- Are you active on the kanto/main server?
- Experience. How long have you been playing? (Pokemon, Pixelmon, PixelmonCraft, Pokemon Showdown)
- Availability. What time frame can you usually be found online ingame?
- Motivation. Why do you want to be a gym leader?
- Merit. What makes you stand out from other applicants?
- Questions or Concerns? Do you have any recommendations from anyone in staff? If so, who?


Do not contact any Staff Member to ask if you were/will be accepted,
it will drastically decrease your chances of being accepted.
If you do not hear back about your application in two weeks time, assume you have been denied.

At this time, you are allowed to submit a new application. Be aware that if your application was
denied, it was denied for a reason; it's not a good idea to resubmit the same application.

Your gym team will be spawned in by the Gym Manager, so you don't need to create your own gym/team.
You will get the same team as the fellow gym leaders in your gym.

You will not receive a reply email, you will be contacted on discord if you are successful.