PokeCord Discord Server

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It's a Discord bot that allows you to collect, duel, trade, and purchase Pokemon! Your collection follows you to any server that has the Pokecord bot installed on it.


First off, you'll need to head to a Discord server that has the bot installed on it. You should see "Pokecord BOT" in the members list of the server. Once you are at a server, use the command "p!start" and you will be able to pick your starter Pokemon. This also allows you to start catching Pokemon!

After you've picked your starter, you'll want to do a couple of commands. The first one is "p!detailed", this will show more information about your Pokemon when using commands like "p!pokemon" and "p!info". The other one you might want to do is "p!order IV". This will order your Pokemon by the highest IV, it is useful for choosing which ones to level up and battle with.

For the complete look at all of the Pokecord commands you can use, check out our Pokecord Commands Guide!

How-to Catch Pokemon

Most servers that are running bot will have a specific room for where Pokemon will spawn (some have spawns all over). It's usually called "wild" or something of that nature. Once you see a spawn you will need to input the following command to try and catch it: "p!catch <Pokemon Name>". Where it says <Pokemon Name> is where you will type in whatever the Pokemon's name that spawned. Yes, you will need to know the names of the Pokemon by the image that is shown.

After a bit if no one has caught the Pokemon, you can use the "p!hint" command to give you a clue on which Pokemon it is.

Keep in mind that you can only catch the most RECENTLY spawned Pokemon. There will be times when another Pokemon spawns after one that hasn't been caught yet. If this happens, you can no longer catch the previous Pokemon.

How-to Get Pokemon to Spawn

If you are playing on a small server, you'll notice that Pokemon don't spawn very often. Pokemon spawns are based on how many people are sending messages in the server. The more messages that are sent, the more Pokemon will spawn. This can be frustrating, but unfortunately it's kind of the only fair way to do it. If you know your Pokemon and are a fast typist, then you'll want to just head to the official Pokecord server and catch them all!

How-to View My Pokemon

If you want to see all of the Pokemon you've caught, then you'll want to use the "p!pokemon" command. This will show your Pokemon in whatever order you've selected with "p!order" command.

How-to Level My Pokemon

You level up your Pokemon by chatting with others in a Pokecord server (you can also purchase Rare Candy from the Shop). The more messages you send, the higher your Pokemon will level up. However, only the Pokemon you have selected will be leveled. To select a Pokemon for leveling use "p!pokemon --name <Pokemon Name>" to find the particular Pokemon's number you want, and then use "p!select <Pokemon Number>" to choose it. You can check the level of your Pokemon by using the "p!info" command.


Once you start catching a bunch of Pokemon there might be ones you want to have easy access to for trading, dueling, or leveling. This is where you utilize the "p!fav" command. You can add Pokemon to your list with the "p!fav add <Pokemon Number>" and that way you can reference them much easier.


Credits are the currency that Pokecord uses that allows you to purchase items from the Shop or Pokemon from the Market. These can take quite a bit of time to gather, but I'm going to list some of the ways you can get credits.

Use the "p!daily" command to get 100-250 credits every 12 hours. Click the link that shows up when you use the command and vote for the bot. You'll have to have an account on discordbots.org to do so.
Donate to the bot. If you use the "p!donate" command you will get 250 credits and a redeem for each dollar (USD) you donate. The redeem is actually the more valuable of the two things you get. With a redeem you can get any Pokemon you want by using the "p!redeem <Pokemon Name>" command. You can sell this to other players by offering it to them for a certain amount of credits and then trading the Pokemon to them once you've redeemed it. I've seen them go for 20,000+ credits, but you'll have to find a buyer. You can also obtain 15,000 credits straight from the bot itself by using the "p!redeem credits" command.
If you just want to grind out the credits, then the best way is to sell Pokemon on the market. Any Pokemon you don't want, you should immediately list it. To sell them quickly, try to make it slightly cheaper than all of the other listings. If you really get into the market, you can try purchasing Pokemon low and sell them for more. This takes some knowledge of the market, so you'll have to really invest some time into it.
You can also battle! Dueling Pokemon against others will get you credits when you win. You don't get much for each victory, in the 6 - 20 credits range per battle.


The most fundamental part of the Pokecord is catching Pokemon! I'm going to list some tips that might help you catch more. Before I go into this, however, let me explain a couple of terms that you might sometimes see in chat. These terms are "lurker" and "sniper/sniping". Both of these essentially mean you are just sitting in chat waiting for Pokemon to spawn without contributing to the chat. In some servers this is against the rules, so be sure to read the rules beforehand so you don't get banned from the server.

The official server doesn't care about either of these things, because there's so much chat going on anyway it isn't really slowing down spawns.

Copy & paste the command "p!catch ". Have this either already pasted ready to go in the message box or have it copied so you can paste it at the first sight of a Pokemon.
Play on a PC and use your keyboard. It's way faster to type it in via keyboard on an actual computer rather than a mobile device (unless you are really fast on mobile).
Don't know the name of a Pokemon? There's a few things you can do:

Reverse Image Search - On a PC you can right click the image of the Pokemon in Discord, take it to Google's Image Search, click the camera icon next to the search box and paste in the URL. This will usually give you the name of the Pokemon or lead you to it.
Description Search - If you don't want to do that, you can search Google for the description of the Pokemon. Here's an example, if I didn't know the name of Purrloin, I could type "purple cat pokemmon" into Google and it would likely show me the image and I click onto it and find the name.
Questions and Help Channel - On the official Pokecord server you can take a screenshot of the Pokemon you don't know and paste it to the people in the channel. Someone will always know the name of the Pokemon you are looking for if you can't figure it out.

If you are kind of slow or don't know all of the Pokemon then I don't recommend the official server. The people that frequent there are extremely fast and know all of the names pretty much immediately. However, you can stay out of the General channel and look around in the other channels that are less frequented but still spawn Pokemon.