Pixelmoncraft Commands

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List of commands for Pixelmon Transfers

Command Description Aliases
/store 1-6 Store pixelmon for transfering pixelmon.  
/sell 1-6 Store pixelmon for auction.  
/confirm Confirm your in-game account to use the pixelmon auction.  
/claim Claim pixelmon from the pixelmon bank. /cp

Pixelmoncraft Server Commands

Command Description Aliases
/vote Vote on the server for in-game money or lucky items! /lemon
/kanto Teleport to the Kanto pixelmon server.  
/johto Teleport to the Johto pixelmon server.  
/hoenn Teleport to the Hoenn pixelmon server.  
/planet Teleport to the Planet pixelmon server.  
/safari Teleport to the Safari pixelmon server.  
/mine Teleport to the Mining server.  
/shop Donate to the server to keep it going. /donate
/starter Did not receive your starter pokemon? type /starter. /nostarter
/spawn Teleport back to spawn.  
/center Teleport to the center of the world on spawn.  
/badges Shows a list of your current badges.  
/pokecenter Teleport to the pokemon center.  
/money View your pokecoins.  
/kill Teleport to your BedHomeLocation.  
/sethome Set your home teleport.  
/delhome Delete your home teleport.  
/home Teleport to your home.  
/tpa Teleport to a friend.  
/tpaccept Accept a teleport from a friend.  
/ticket create question Start a support ticket to get your questions answered. /ds

List of commands for DirectChat

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List of commands for Quests (kanto)

List of commands for Griefprevention

For griefprevention we have made an additional guide on how to claim your land.
Click here to read the how to claim your land guide.