28.11.2017 UTC+1 3AM crash items lost

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Crashes have been frequent today. I don't mind, but this time (date and time in title) I lost objects in it. Lemme explain:

I told in chat I was looking to exchange one of my mega stones against a garchompite because I need it

I found someone having it asking me what I had in stock to trade against

He tpaed at me

I took my mega stones in my inventory (9 of them. I dont remember each exactly but it was at least abomasite, venasaurite, blastoisite, kanghaskanite, and other things I cant remember like the dragon/fly one who looks like a cloud) The chest location is -14466 87 -6004 in kanto

I putted them in a chest right outside of my claim (cant tell the coordinates exactly because it wasnt there anymore after the crash and I lost the approximate location) for my customer to look at without me having to trust him on my claim

The crash happened

After crash the chest is gone, the mega stones are gone and the customer says didn't took the stones (which I'm likely to belive because he could not have planned the crash and I relogged as soon as I could so I would have seen him if he tried to steal anything) stones are not into my inventory anymore, and relogging doesnt make them reappear, neither in the chest where I took them in the first time

So I would like to ask the mods/managers of the server to take a look into it because that was my most precious loots. There must be a way to check those objects were there. If the bug solves itself and I find the loots back I swear I'll delete the topic and not make you work for nothing, but if possible, plox, retrieve my loots

Do you have any screenshots of these lost mega stones?

No I'm sorry I never thought of taking them in screenshot =(

If you have not taken a screenshot, we cannot replace valuable items like that, especially because of how many you had, sorry. Also, you said that you put them outside of your claim. That means that anyone can take them. That is your own fault, sorry.