Random Question of The Week

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I'll be adding a random question every week...

(02 jan-08 jan) What pokemon type are you and why?

(09 jan -15 jan) What is your favorite team from the games and why?

Im normal type cuz cba

I'm a dark type.. cause reasons.

L, do you know Gods of Death love apples?

I'm a Fire Type because my bars are fire.

I'm an Ice type, because Ice type is awful, just like me. Jks, I'm an Ice type because I'm extremely cold.

Gen 4 is bae. Shaddap.

I'd have to be a water type, cuz my mixtape is so lit that I have to put it out all the time.

Hi there.

I'm rock type because I rock xD

Just do /warp mgshop. #teamelitecomingsoontm

I'm a ghost type, since it's not like I'm still around anymore xD.

Grass Type... I mean i'd make a grass pun but i See-d no point in making one

"Eww Ches" - Ches 2016

I'm a Grass/Poison type, just because.

Im dark because  I love dark type pokemon and irl im very shy and misunderstood as an evil/dark person. 


Stay Super :)

The original will always be the best to me so Team Rocket.

I hate every team. But, if I had to choose one, no.

Nobody. No one. You are looking at a blank space.

Team Skull since they're so full of swag

Hi there.

Team Rocket because I'm in it obviously.

i am fire type, because i am hot :/

Team FedEx Leader

Team FedEx. because it's my team obviously.

Team FedEx Leader