I havent got my monthly Claims

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Today i claimed all my Monthly's as i bought Donor rank today. But i only Recieved The legendary, The 20rare candies. And the Pixelmon Points

I would like to get the rest if that is possible :D

Howdy, are you sure they were all claimed in the 1.10 server? Or a mistake I make myself at times is I don't pick a server at all and they won't go through, try claiming them again and if that doesn't work shoot Lemonita a direct message.

I have. The day i put this up I sent to him. Still now answer. And i claimed it all at the newest server or Kanto. As they are the same


Ok now you'll just have to wait for lemon to see it which could take a bit. I'll message him on discord so he'll see it asap.

ok. Thanks


I had the same problem yesterday, I had to have Lemon look over it and it turns out i chose the old Kanto server, which is the first option, so likely you made the same mistake as me

Howdy, were you able to get your rewards yet?

You should be able to claim them again now

I don't think he cares anymore lol or he got them already.