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As many of you know, with the shut down of the Pixelmon Mod Development, they have closed the Wiki to players as well. Luckily, some of the pages of the Wiki have been saved. You won't be able to use the search bar, you have to go through different links to get the information you want. It's a bit tedious, but hey, at least it's something. The pages for individual pokemon appear to be gone as well as the list of available pokemon in the mod. Here are the links that I think are the most useful. 

Main Page:


Biomes and the Pokemon that spawn in them:


Recipes Page:


Items' Info Page:


A Tutorial Page of how to get started on Pixelmon:

Good guide !

Was looking around and found that you can still get to the individual Pokemon pages by going through the Types page. Obviously, I didn't check each and every one, but all the ones I clicked on had their pages available.

All of the pages are back up, they just removed the sprites