Player made channels on teamspeak!

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Hello everyone! So i have seen a lot of different channels on teamspeak, but i`ve always wondered why regular players cant make their own teamspeak channels? I Have a idea where Moderator+ can make private channels for players that would like one. I Hope you will consider this idea. :)




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We used to have the ability to do so and make our own channels however it was abused and rights revoked from us.

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It got removed due to a security breach in the module that made it possible for people to make their own temp chat room. Now we just resort to a bunch of random *special* chat rooms and server chat rooms. Nevertheless there should be a channel to join into for any group that joins teamspeak.

If you have suggestions on more channels to make we perhaps could make some more.

Has Teamspeak gotten so crowded there aren't any free rooms for a private chat anymore? 


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