Pokedex Issue and Pokeman Disappeared

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I have encountered two issues which I feel is worth mentions. 

1) The first issues which i just encountered today is, when i logged on today (11/23/2017) I automatically spawns in the Safari zone (which has not happened before now), which by itself is not an issue, however when I move over to the main server my Pokedex was only displaying the Pokemon that I had caught in the safari zone and even refused to recognized any caught Pokemon i had in my inventory from before today. I'm not sure if there is some command that allows to toggle between the two but i would appreciate some help to understand this.


2) The second issues i have is far stranger and happened a couple of days ago. I'm not sure when it occurred but one of my Pokemon (a lv 34 Slugma) started acting strangely. By strangely I mean that i was unable to switch to or summon him to/during battle and the Pokeball did not appear in the healing machine, however the icon was visible during in my inventory and just earlier that day I had no issue with him. When i attempted to  re-log the Slugma disappeared entirely not in my inventory or in-game computer storage  (or Pokebank). The only thing thing that I can think as a possible reason for this is that,at some point (most likely before the Pokemon disappeared) I suffered a computer crash that required be to hard restart my computer (by holding down the button) right as I was in the middle of a Pokemon battle (not sure if the Slugma was the one I was battling with but it is possible), when i logged back in, the Pokemon was still there but said it was in battle. I did not intially connect these two events because I had no issue with using the Slugma initially but eventually I experienced the abnormalities with no immediate cause to warrant the change. I can say that the Pokemon i was battle is no longer there however (not sure when it disappeared though)

Hmmm seems the Pokedex fixed itself so that issue if fine now, but I do till have the other Issue


Sometimes people spawn in in safari, not sure why, you can do /kanto to get back. About the weird disappearing Pokemon, do you need the slugma to be replaced? If so, was there anything special about it besides the fact that it was level 34? (IVs, EVs, etc.)